Songwriter, father, traveler and teacher Jimmy Yeary is coming to IAITAM ACE in May of 2018! Here are some facts about the creative, talented performer:

  • Yeary is a native Ohioan! He was born in Hillsboro, Ohio, northeast of Cincinnati.
  • Jimmy Yeary and Sonya Isaacs’ wedding video is online for all to watch: They got married right before Christmas in 2009.
  • Yeary is currently a songwriter for This Music / Sony Tree ATV Publishing.
  • Yeary and wife Sonya have three children: Ayden, Gatlyn and Evya.
  • Jimmy Yeary, Jessi Alexander and Connie Harrington wrote the hit song, “I Drive Your Truck” about Jared Monti, a sergeant who died in Afghanistan while rescuing a fellow soldier. When they won the Country Music Association Song of the Year Award in 2013, Yeary said, “The story behind this song is so powerful and connects with everyday people’s lives and the losses we all endure. This song speaks to everyone. Without the sacrifice of people like Jared Monti, whom this song was written about, none of this would be possible. I am honored that I had a part in the world getting to hear his story.”

Jimmy Yeary will speak on day two of the IAITAM ACE in Orlando, Florida.