Maybe you already know Andy Andrews! Maybe you know that he’s a best-selling author. Maybe you know he advises corporations, U.S. presidents, CEOs, Generals and football teams. Maybe you know he’s a “one of a kind” dynamic storyteller. Maybe you know he’ll be the first keynote speaker at this year’s IAITAM ACE!

But, maybe you don’t know that…

  • Andrews was homeless at age 19. For two years he slept in garages and under a pier on the gulf coast of Alabama. He survived by fishing, selling bait and washing boats. He credits his success to the lessons he learned reading 200 biographies during those years.
  • Andrews gives away free resources on his website, These include reader’s guides to his books, desktop wallpapers, transcripts, the first 3 chapters of “The Little Things” audiobook and a free eBook, “My Five Free Tools for Accomplishing Your Goals.” The eBook includes links to extra free resources such as The Perpetual Calendar and The Seven Decisions Success System video series.
  • Andrews is a comedian! The NACA (National Association of Campus Activities) honored him as “Entertainer of the Year” in 1987. He initially “made the big time” when he got a gig on a cruise ship while still living under the pier.
  • Andrews’ novel, “The Traveler’s Gift,” got rejected by over 50 publishers. It has since sold over a million copies! His books, including those written for children, have sold over 5 million copies worldwide.

Come see Andy Andrews speak May 8, 2018 at IAITAM’s annual conference and exhibition in Orlando, Florida!